Reduce Violence

The compassionate connection programs' purpose is to teach preschool through grade school students an appropriate use of touch called the helping hands technique.

            Through the use of helping hands the children experience a greater sense of belonging and connection to with others. The process generates a positive and caring attitude towards peers, thereby increasing measurable pro-social behaviors in decreasing problem behaviors.




Dr. John E. Upledger, founder of the Upledger Institute, director of the first compassionate touch program, believes this program will increase compassion and decrease violence in school-age children.

When compassion increases violence decreases because you cannot hold the two - compassion and violence - at the same time.
— Dr. John E. Upledger

The goals of the program include

  • Increasing positive, caring behaviors (cooperation. sharing, helpfulness. responsibility. kindness, empathy and independence),

  • Decreasing negative, aggressive, problem behaviors (self-centeredness, aggression. temper control, attention problems and hyperactivity).

  • Enhancing overall self-esteem. self-worth and self-image.

In Anchorage, Alaska 1999, Joshuah Shumelda oversaw the first compassionate touch program at Hillcrest preschool in Anchorage as both a preschool teacher and ambassador to the program. He has since expanded the Compassionate Touch Program to the Compassionate Connections Program encompassing the healthy use of touch, speech, use of resources (sharing), and knowledge.

Over the past decade+ Joshuah has taught the program to Moms, nannies, and day schools. We invite you to schedule a FREE!!! workshop for your neighborhood or school.