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Modern Essentials offers many domestic services all geared to take away stress and enhance your quality of life!

  • Room organization

  • Kitchen Detail

  • Bathroom Detail

  • Windows & Walls

  • Dust Removal

  • Floors & Carpet

    Recurring Services upon request

Simple and Efficient. Free quote given at time of walk through.


When it comes to cleaning and organizing, quality and value are her standards. Meghan wastes no time as she efficiently cleans.

More than just another house keeper, She understands how important our environment is to the overall health of our families.


Replace harsh chemicals with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients.

It’s great to use around everyone in your family, including pets.

Using the highest quality non-toxic, earth-friendly cleansers made in house and other outsourced products such as Thieves and Young Living Essential Oils, she provides you with the healthiest house keeping possible.

Learn more about the Cleaning power of Young Living Essential Oils Here

Harmonious Homekeeping
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The secret to having a clean house and enjoying life is, Letting us clean it for you!

Home/Office Organization

               Placing great importance and detail on helping others organize and clean their home, We have a remarkable ability to bring harmony and organization to even the most chaotic scenes. We can sort, organize, and label your home and office spaces into beautiful and healthy rooms you will love being in.


For Home and Office Organization we price on a case by case basis. Please call for a consultation