Life Architect

Joshuah Shumelda

At a very young age he discovered an insatiable passion for helping others achieve their dreams.

From DJ to Business owner, teacher and healthcare practitioner, everything he has done has been fueled with this desire.

As early as High school he aligned himself with programs, courses, and mentors to help him accomplish his goals.  

Equipped with the knowledge and experience of over 20yrs of effective healing body treatments, Joshuah blends massage, CST, reflexology, shiatsu, and a lifetime of complementary techniques to help you reduce pain, increase mobility and flexibility.

         Afterwards he can help you create a treatment plan including maintenance massage and holistic education that can add years onto a happy life, rich with balance and healthy relationships. 

Designated Ambassador Compassionate Touch Program and preschool teacher

Inspired to work in pediatrics, Joshuah became a pre-school teacher where he was honored as the Upledger Institutes' first Ambassador to establish the Compassionate Touch program in Alaska. This program introduces children to the idea of healing each other through compassion rather than acting out through violence, bullying, or harassing others and is utilized in grade school settings.   

"After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in aesthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well.” 

~ Albert Einstein


Spa Director and Wellness center owner

Joshuah’s touch and massage reflects Einstein’s principle. Experience and knowledge, combined with skill and compassion guides his hands. As an artist uses many colors to paint a masterpiece, he blends years of practice and study of multiple disciplines such as cranial sacral, reflexology, martial arts, aromatherapy, yoga, Ayurveda and acupressure. A fusion of science and art creates a massage session that leaves his clients elated, relaxed and feeling like a work of art. Each session equally therapeutic as it is pampering and enjoyable. In 2008 he opened Zen Remedy, a holistic health center with community centered drive.

Massage therapy Instructor

Celebrating over 20 Years in the wellness industry, Joshuah has maintained an exemplary reputation with his clients and community. His educational experience includes teaching thousands of students from Florida to Alaska. He has taught all ages from preschool to physician. With a very unique set of skills and experiences he has been successful in making very difficult information effortless an fun to learn.

“The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Current Projects

Akashic Living – A new form of Life Coaching based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Ayurveda. Click here for more information    

Radio and Television- Seeking sponsors and stations for production of a holistic directed health and wellness show. Topics including Ayurveda, nutrition, medicine, relationships, childhood and adult education, herbology, holistic health, spirituality, and quantum physics will educate and entertain.

Compassionate Touch Program Revision - Expanding the curriculum to include language and nutrition.  

Future Aspirations        

Education Reform– Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf teaching styles, Joshuah is developing a modern, progressive education that will be centered on the individual. The system has a foundation of self-discovery, virtue, community, compassion and humanity, as it embraces technology for the good as a teaching tool utilized by passionate, confident, teachers. 

With an effective right mix of personal success, failure, triumph, loss and a lifetime of experience in wellness with all ages, he brings a non-judgmental, compassionate wellness compass to his clients, students, friends and family. He offers quick wit, informative, experienced wellness knowledge base and great talent for media.