Features Overview

Just as a computer can run poorly due to fragmentation of information processed, so can the human system get slowed down, even crash from an unchecked "fragmentation".
For one low price, we have created a package of 5 services combined to foster healing and point you in the right direction as a compassionate compass on the road to a lifestyle of enhancement and self-empowerment.


Body Treatment

One of Aseops fable's depicts a lion stricken with pain due to a thorn stuck in it's paw. A mouse relieves the lion by removing the thorn, and restores peace to the entire jungle. When we feel better in our bodies; our mind and spirit has a strong leg of support.


Our massage practitioners are all trained to listen to the body through skillful palpation techniques and individual intuition rather than just performing a general technique.


Plus, we can teach you basic healing and injury preventative techniques you can use on yourself.

Life Architect

You might be an executive or the owner of a successful small business looking to find balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family.

Perhaps you are a musician, a writer, or an artist looking for a creative breakthrough, or a doctoral candidate looking for the perfect thesis.

You might even be a twenty-something techno whiz entrepreneur with a brilliant idea for a product or service that will change the world forever.

Whatever the circumstances, goals or dreams might be, all of our lives are in constant transition.

That's where a Professional Life Coach comes in.

We can point you in the right direction to turning your dreams into reality.

Holistic Health Assessment

Ayurveda means "Science of Life". It is an art and science of healthy living that creates a balanced daily life by applying self-knowledge and self-care.

Ayurveda offers a complete system to maintain health and promote healing when we are out of balance.

Using this 7000yr old proven science, we can keep our systems running smooth, free from disease, quick to heal, and in a state of healthy growth.  

With this comprehensive physiological and psychological assessment we can point you in the right direction to optimum health of the mind, body, and spirit.

Environment Evaluation

Environment, by definition, is the totality of circumstances surrounding a person; especially the combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, and survival of that person.

Dust, mold, disorganization, even geography can play a role in our own person health and development. Using both the latest in design concepts of harmony and the time tested science of Feng Shui, we can help you create an environment of prosperity and abundance.

Technology Enhancement

Iphone, GPS, Email, Webcam, Facebook, Computers!!

Technology can be a great enhancement in your life, or it can cause great stress.

It all depends on if we know how to use it or not!!

We can use our experience and patience to teach you how to use and get the most out of the electronic devices you us in your daily life to keep in touch with your loved ones!