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Marley Marquee

Marley prides herself on giving a massage that provides deep relaxation and bliss.  Her massage has the ability  to improve range of motion, reduced muscle tension, and improve posture.  Regular deep and effective treatments will keep the immune system strong and resilient.  Improved circulation, blood pressure and flexibility as well as more restful sleep are easily met goals.

Marley loves partnering with her clients to achieve their lifestyle goals.  She excels when it comes to assisting her clients with any weight loss or injury recovery plans.  Her knowledge is an asset in creating the most peaceful and energized of lifestyles.  Marley is passionate about creating a spa environment for her clients.  She enjoys witnessing her clients refine their understanding of balance. 

Locally grown, Marley attended Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy. Graduating from this school provided Marley with a solid foundation in Eastern Medicine.  Marley has experienced firsthand the healing power of meditation and visualization.  Her early exposure to Thai Chi, Qigong, Tui Na and Thai Yoga massage support her multi-faceted lifestyle architectural approach.

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Trauma freezes our body’s energy patterns in time.  What should be fluid is immobilized.  It’s as though we cannot move forward.  We are stuck in repetition compulsion until the trauma is released.  Deep physical change, being energetic, creates emotional change.
— Ingrid Bacci