Kind Words from some great people   


Wow. I had my 1st massage by this magic man a few days ago and it was just heavenly. I didn't realize how much I needed it. My body felt so happy and nourished that afterwards it took everything I had to pull my muscles from pure jelly to upright form again. It was mostly swedish, but he went deeper wherever he felt called to. Creme de la creme of massage therapy! He even wove some craniosacral into the session. This is THE man to come to for quality massage, and reasonably priced! Thank you Shumelda! I'll be back!


This is a new company that I am super stoked on! Joshuah gave me a free home massage and he is the massage therapist I have been searching for. I have dealt with back and neck pain for years and have just been “dealing with it”. No longer. He listens to my vocal needs as well as reads my body’s needs that I may not even realize. I booked him out for every week the next month and will probably throw in a house cleaning as well. THANK YOU Joshuah Shumelda for providing a much needed service to a busy, stress-managing Mama like myself.

Laura Ellis Anchorage Alaska November 25 2018

I definitely recommend Zen Remedy! Joshuah is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and truly talented! I have been to many other massage therapists before I started with Zen Remedy and NOTHING has come close! I am forever a loyal client!

Shelly South Anchorage Alaska November 08 2018

Joshua is the best in town! He incorporates many treatments into your massage catering to your problem areas. His knowledge is very broad from essential oils, medical advice and a holistic approach to mental health. He devises a plan that incorporates total body wellness to heal and treat. You will not be disappointed.

CG September 14 2015

              I came to Joshua for guidance as a last ditch effort for myself and my marriage. I was raised with very theological background and was very hesitant to seek alternative solutions to my severe depression including suicidal ideology, and marital crisis. As other options had been less than fruitful, and my thoughts of impending doom lurked upon me by the minute, I reached outside of my comfort zone in a desperate attempt to find anything. Surprisingly there was Joshua, whom I fondly call the Snake Charmer to my work peers when trying to explain the benefits I am reaping from attending regular lessons and counseling sessions. To get into the down and dirty, I have not been a good person as a young adult. Many of my actions came back full circle to a head and created the current strife that I am going thru.

                  So far with Joshuah I have been able to essentially work on my road forward in this world, and how to be that person I would like to be. The information and context it is provided in definitely crosses traditional and non-traditional boundaries. So, when many who inquire at my work or in personal life that have seen changes I am obtaining ask for more information, I tell people I’ve been seeing the Snake Charmer. I can get a laugh out of them, and it breaks the ice on traditionalist who view Akashic Living as “Hokum” or “Dated”. Then I can explain the relationship I have between my licensed counselor who helps with EMDR and certain aspects that bring resolution to my past, and then the way forward with Joshua. To date, I have been able to refocus many things. My relationship with my children, wife, friends, and coworkers have grown to levels I had not imagined because I was open to the message, and started the refinement of self. I truly hope that others can find the message and start on a path of Life School,or a blend thereof with your current theological and belief system. I still have tests in my life, nearly daily, but act like water and go with the flow; it’s just a refinement.


Danielle White Anchorage Alaska September 8 2015

              I first started going to Joshua in 2012 for what I thought was JUST going to be massage and that's when I started to learn what body work truly IS. The more I started to see Joshua for body work the more he helped me see how the way I think affects the health of my body and mind, along with the quality of food and water that I Consume. We hold on to things that have happened to us in the past or present or worry about the future and we don't always see how it can be affecting us physically.

                 Over the years in my relationship I started to notice how the things my husband and I argue about are pretty much universal issues that couples have but I wasn't satisfied thinking "well that's just the way it is" I wanted to know how we could better understand each other so that we could communicate more clearly and efficiently, So I started to learn about Life School with my husband from Joshuah who has put together an amazing power point presentation and a 5 lesson workbook including a reading list to help fully understand yourself and others. For many years I have placed unrealistic expectations on myself and the people around me and even on my food and I was constantly feeling disappointed in all of the above when things didn't meet those expectations, I can recall my husband saying "Nothing's ever good enough for you, no matter what I do" instead of showing gratitude for what I had or received. 

      We all have different needs in life. These lessons from Joshuah have helped me learn what MY needs are so that I can start to fulfill those needs in a healthy way without relying on other people for happiness.

             I love that Joshua doesn't tell me what to do he asks the appropriate questions to help me think about my situation so I can see more clearly from a broader perspective which in turn makes me feel more empowered when I gain that perspective. On the journey to finding myself and my path in life I have been learning about people's behavior and WHY they might do the things they do and in learning that I find myself appreciating people more for being who they are rather than thinking of what they could change or work on to suit me better. I have learned much about myself and I have so much to appreciate. I will continue to learn and with each new thing I discover about myself I feel more empowered because not only am I getting to know myself and what I am about, I get to consciously decide whether or not I want to enhance or discard what I have discovered thus creating the person I am and the energy I exude. 

         I want to thank Joshua Shumelda for helping me find the trail-head to my path of beingness, and thank you to Joshuah for all the advice and support he has given my whole family. It's so amazing to meet and know people who care so much about other people that their profession is to help people feel happy!


Will White Anchorage Alaska September 3 2015

              I first started seeing Joshuah for body work over a year ago on a recommendation my sister had given me. I had some pain as a result of my history and line of work and hadn't seriously considered massage as a viable solution. After some hesitation I went to have a session with him and was amazed by the results. To anyone that doubts the effectiveness of proper body work, I strongly suggest you see him for a massage and experience the difference for yourself. To me it is definitely worth it. I have had several body work sessions with him and agree that his experience and technique is top notch. It is absolutely necessary if you have a body. 

                Since I've gotten to know Joshuah, I have learned that he also offers Lifestyle Architect services, and I have benefited from them greatly. His approach to this form of counsel is patient, informational and understandable. He tailors the process to work in a manner that is easy to follow, and assists you with learning the tools to make the most of your life. He is non-judgmental and patient to work with you at whatever pace you can go at. Truly, this kind of service can be empowering and enlightening if you are open to the perspective that he offers. It is evident that Joshuah lives by his advice and teachings, and does not proclaim an over-inflated sense of importance, which gives his method credibility as I know he communicates from a place of personal experience, and can often relate with the situations his clients may be in. I've always been the type of person that seeks to continue my self improvement, for my own benefit and those around me. And though I've had a great life so far at 25, I feel that there is always something more to be learned and expand upon. In my hunt for understanding there are times when application of the attitudes and modalities I have learned are not apparent, and he has been more than helpful as I apply what I know. His contagious optimism and consistently cheerful attitude is encouraging even on my rough days. This guy truly cares. If you are hesitant of whether or not his Life Architect sessions are right for you, he offers a free consultation so you can get a feel for how he works, and make the decision based on that interaction.

              Shumelda's wellness services are not money driven, as they are all about supporting the health and well being of the community.  One of the best things about the programs they offer is that they are proponents of the barter system. As an artist I have been able to trade their information and work for the art that I make on basically every occasion. I had the pleasure of designing Joshuah's business card in exchange for body work for instance. If you are not sure that your skill set would be trade-able, just ask! There may be items you possess that could be offered. They are open to figure out alternative options of payment besides money, if need be. Overall, they offer many valuable top rate services at a fair price. I strongly encourage you to contact Joshuah to discuss how they can work with you to make life a little bit easier and more enjoyable. They are absolutely friendly and great people that love what they do! Please give them a call! Thank you for your time,


Tai Johnson Vega Florida August 31, 2011

Dear Joshuah,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. "Joshuah is a wonderful instructor and an absolute delight to work with. He was incredibly professional and exhibited a great work ethic. I enjoyed his teaching methods and truely appreciated the opportunity he gave us for hands on instruction at the end of the course. I highly recommend utilizing his knowledge and unique abilities, and look forward to working with him again in the future."

Service Category:

Continuing education in cranial sacral therapy at the Upledger Institute

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Lynn Altieri WPB Florida June 9, 2011

I have had massages since the 80's. When I was fortunate to find Joshuah, it was the masseur of a lifetime. He is so knowledgeable about the body and nutrition. He knows how to individualize each and every client for their problems. I have recommended many people to Joshuah, none were dissatisfied and all returned for more massages. When I was a corporate flight attendant, my owner was going to hire him to fly with us, unfortunately he had to sell his airplane and that did not come to fruition. I highly suggest you try Joshuah once, you'll be hooked as I am!


Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand Alaska Sep 23, 2010

I'm nearly 70 vital years young. I've put my body thru hell, falling 300 vertical feet down a glacier face and into a crevasse, been hit by a pick-up truck, been run down by a pack of wild dogs in Panama, broken my left leg . . . I have broken my back (compression fractures on nearly every vertebrae, ruptured nearly every disc), suffer from severe whiplash, have broken most of my ribs, lost a knee cap, plus I was a dancer, surfer and river runner. I've never had surgery because I've always believe in the benefits of massage . . . and it's served me well, I have had massages (some lasting as long as four hours) nearly every week. As I travel, I meet lots of "therapists." I've had some incredible body work. I luckily ran into Joshuah by chance. What a lucky day for me. He has such skill and patience and willingness to do what I need in order to continue my healing. He's incredible. I know he's leaving soon and I don't know what I'll do until we meet again next summer. All other body work seems to pale in comparison to what Josh has been able to bring to me. Thank you and safe travels. I'll miss you.


Jill Williams Anchorage Ak September 23 2010

I have had many massages over the years and nothing has compared to the intensity of the work that you accomplished in the 2 hours that you spent with me. The amazing thing is that I didn't feel any soreness the next day. I'm much more balanced now as you went right to spots that had trauma left over from old accidents that I was sure was mended. When you got in there, I'd realized that there was lots of scar tissue and tension to break down. I also received emotional healing associated with injuries and loss. I want all of my friends to experience this.


N.Z., W.P.B., FL 2008

   "I originally went to Joshuah with a gift certificate I won at an auction and have been going regularly since. From the moment you step into the studio you are absorbed into a tranquil atmosphere.  Then it is on to the table for what I find to be a wonderful one and a half hour mini vacation that leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated. I have been having massages for nearly thirty years and Joshuah is one of the best I've ever encountered. He is thoughtful and attentive- once you tell him a particular preference he incorporates that into each session.


Catherine Korman, Palmer, AK 2007

"I have been having massages for 20 years & had never been completely satisfied with any of them. I'd never been to the same place twice. Then I found Joshuah while on vacation-I live in Alaska. The experience from beginning to end was truly amazing and quite spiritual. Joshuah's calming presence and mastery of his art is unequaled. He "molded" the massage to suit me. I have never felt so relaxed and refreshed in my life; I was on "Cloud Nine" for days. I can honestly say I have not had a massage since then-I am quite sure it would be a waste of my time & money. I am planning a return trip soon & will have an appointment to see Joshuah before I even leave home!"


Jerome and Ellen Stern, New York, NY 2006

      "We found you and your service helpful, professional, all in all, top notch! Your suggestions concerning a healthy diet were also much appreciated. We look forward to renewing our relationship when we come down to Palm Beach"                                                  

Christopher Haass, WPB Fl 2005

     "Josh, let me first of all just say, Thank you. Thank you because without your years of assistance I probably would not be able to write this letter, let alone even move to situate myself in this chair to type you this letter.

            But seriously I just wanted to take a few moments to express to you my deepest gratitude. My physical body and I have never really gotten along whether it be the decades of soccer practice it has endured on my behalf, at least a half dozen car accidents (or at least that I can remember), five years of boxing and most recently a few seasons of flag football which I might add gets a little expensive in your thirties even with adequate medical coverage. You have always provided me the gift of movement in my times of physical darkness.

           I am not sure how much physical abuse the human body is meant to take, but I am sure that I push mine to the absolute last inch of what might be pretty damn close to the limit. Your comprehension, philosophy and ability as a therapist have been a few of the blessings I have found to have provided me reprieve over the last few years and I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you. Your years off diligent study and I am sure countless hours of practice have surely set you apart in your field.

                As I travel the globe I have yet to find a therapist with your skill and general understanding of the human bodies physical and spiritual inner relations. Keep up the good fight Josh and thank you once again for everything."