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Harmonious House Keeping


Harmonious House Keeping

Zen Remedy offers many domestic services all geared to take away stress and enhance your quality of life!

Because you understand how important your environment is

When it comes to cleaning and organizing, quality and value are her standards. Tania wastes no time as she efficiently cleans. More than just another house keeper, Tania understands how important our environment is to us. Using the highest quality non-toxic, earth-friendly cleansers like Thieves Essential Oil products, she provides you with the healthiest house keeping possible.


Home/Office Organization

               Placing great importance and detail on helping others organize and clean their home, We have a remarkable ability to bring harmony and organization to even the most chaotic scenes. We can sort, organize, and label your home and office spaces into beautiful and healthy rooms you will love being in.

Harmonious Homekeeping
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The secret to having a clean house and enjoying life is, Let us clean your house!


For Home and Office Organization we price on a case by case basis. Please call for a consultation

907-290-2207 or 1888-818-1643 and press 4

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Noble Beginnings Evening Infant Care

Noble Beginnings Evening Infant Care

Cared for like our own

We had our first child June of 2016, since then we have been looking at the world in an entirely differently way. Dad teaches at a college five minutes away and mom is studying to become a motivational speaker and counselor. When Xosha was born we decided to open our happy healthy home to other family looking for the highest quality infant care. We are the granola, health conscious, aromatherapy smelling, earth loving kind of parents that understand how important a nurturing environment is to the development of you precious infant.

When Quality Counts

We specialize in Evening care. Our primary parents are out for a night at the opera, special event, night out or family emergency.

  • Including our little Xosha we take only two more infants at any time keeping a 3 to 1 ratio ensuring your child gets all the love and attention they need.
  • We offer unique amenities like being able to see your child at any given moment* or a detailed report of your babies actives like eating or diaper activity**.    
  • Our hours are primarily M-F 6PM - 10PM. Other time and night stay are possible with notice and special pricing, Please just ask.
  • We primarily take infants pre-crawl please call for any other ages
Evening Infant Care
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Environmental enhancements

Environment is one of the most important factors to our overall health. Dust, mold, toxic chemicals and other energetic factors can stress our immunity to the state of exhaustion and we get sick. This can lead to a struggle to grow because all energy is going to recovery and healing. We have created the best environment we could for our own child. One where your child can flourish.

  • 3 to 1 Ratio
  • Toxic Chemical free home
  • Therapeutic Aromatherapy
  • Infant CPR & First Aid Certified
  • No Microwave use
  • Humidified air cleaned room



Value added amenities upon request

We also thought what would might be important or appreciated as extra value to the parent as parents. Some children have the need for specified diets or routines, we are happy to accommodate. If it important to you, it is important to us

  • Wifi Video viewing available
  • Report of the nights events
  • Organic Formula
  • Infant Massage Therapy**



*For up to 5 minutes at a time **For an add. fee