Vitality Visits


Vitality Visits

Beyond Wellness, Live Vitality


Modern Medicine uses two tools primarily when attempting to stabilize or heal, Drugs and Surgery. Misuse or abuse of these tools can determine the outcome of the final state of balance or misery.

Our greatest vitality and life experience is achieved when we become aware of the two greatest tools of wellness, Relationships and Environments.

When in proper order and fully functional the places and people around us can be the anchor when life is at its most turbulent. When life is at its most abundant they become wind behind the sails and create a “Joie de vivre” or passion for life that can handle the worst weather.

When out of balance and toxic, relationships and environments can support a life full of $h!t storms.

Our blend of services and products empowers the individual, family or group with the skills to create the most productive, happy, and balanced lifestyles.

Forget pursuit of happiness. Live a life of actualized bliss.
Forget wellness. Live a life of vitality.

Happiness, Balance, Purpose, Easy

Saving you time and energy, we travel to you. We offer experienced WELLNESS EDUCATION, LIFESTYLE ARCHITECTURE, and LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPY. Enhancing your Relationships and Environments, we make the path to vitality clear and easy to follow.


  • Discuss current health and lifestyle status

  • Assess your readiness for refinement

  • Create short and long-term goals

  • Identify barriers to success

  • Explore problem solving strategies

We are Alaska’s Premier in home/on-site wellness and holistic healthcare.

We will share the 5 Essential Enhancements to living a life of vitality and enjoyment.



Life full of transformation, constantly changing.

A lottery win or promotion can flip life upside down as quickly as the death of a loved one or divorce. The proper Attitude, Knowledge, and Balance is the difference between being swallowed into misery or a state of valor and courage.

Our Experienced Lifestyle Architects can imbue you with practical lifestyle skills rooted in biology, psychology, and physiology to create incredible empowerment and “self-righting” habits.

Habits that support an attitude of strength enough to handle life’s greatest challenges and tribulations.


When it comes to life support, water is second to the air we breath. When it comes to water both the Quality and Quantity should be taken into account.

We can teach you how to create and maintain a habit of giving your body enough of the highest quality of hydration without spending hundreds a month on bottled water or adding plastic to our waste.




Food and eating should be delicious and add to your wellness, not take away. We can show you easy ways to enhance your nutrition and create a support to eliminate food that is high in calories and low in nutrition.

Nutrition can be delicious, easy and not cost more than fast food. We can show you how.


Eating something toxic or eating past full can harmful to our health. Physical activity that lacks enjoyment can have the same effect. All forms of “exercise” need to be enjoyed to create consistency and refinement.

Physical activity needs to be fun to be most effective.

We can be a compass towards a path of activity that best fits your lifestyle and unique physical and psychological make up based on preference and science.



Body Treatments

Massage can be equally enjoyable and effective. Our licensed massage artists are skilled at making your session an individual work of art.

We can create a personalized session in the comfort of your own home. Your session will be as relaxing as it is effective at reducing tension and relieving pain and stress.

After a certain level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well.
— Albert Einstein


Zen You

Zen You

Conscientious Lifestyle Design

A Lifestyle Architect educates and mentors others on lifestyle design and mastery.

Using a personalized blend of empowering services and products, we guide you through the design and building of the best life you can imagine.

Using a personalized blend of empowering services and products, we guide you through the design and building of the best life you can imagine.


3 Key Phases of Life Experience

Life spirals. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Habits and thought patterns determine which direction the spiral tends to end up. No matter how good or bad it gets, it can be elevated with the proper mindfulness and perspective.

We teach a level of practical mindfulness that is easy to maintain.

The world is full of magical things, ever patiently waiting for our senses to grow stronger


The ability to calmly assess any life experience and conscientiously make the most desirable response.

The skill to filter the best of what reality has to offer you.



The power to recover from trauma or tribulation quickly and becoming stronger while overcoming them.



Optimum health and enjoyment of life. Way beyond wellness, create a master level of mind, body, and spiritual strength.

Feel incredible and live in perpetually fulfilled purpose.

ZEN REMEDY is a unified system of wellness, one that respects the connection between work, play, family, and growth. Life School is a curriculum for self discovery. Our experienced lifestyle architects use the completion of life school as a common foundation of wellness understanding and procedure.